Greek M.

May11th 2020

I can’t believe it has taken me soooooo long to write a review! Grab a cup of coffee cause this is going to be a long one!

So, last year I busted up my arm pretty good – no idea how – no crazy, awesome story involving a bar fight or wild night on the town – guess I’m just getting old… well, long story, short, I had to have rotator cuff surgery. Eight-ish weeks after surgery, my dr said it was time for rehab – I looked around for a place that would take my insurance and found one – well-rated (on yelp too. I went, for a couple of weeks – and hated it! I felt like a number, the physical therapist (PT) was assigned to work with me and three other patients – what should take 50 minutes took 90 because I had to wait for the PT to finished with other clients and come back to me. I was trying to do this PT on my lunch break and not have to take extra time off from work. After the 2nd week, I felt as though I wasn’t progressing – I said something to the PT, but I was just stared at blankly. I finally wised up and began looking for another PT. That’s when I found Lori!

Lori runs her own shop – she is one on one with her client and I loved that!!! She’s a petite thing – and my first day I thought, yeah, she’s not gonna have the power to apply the pressure to get my arm into motion, this is a lost cause… boy was I wrong!!! She like a stick of dynamite – and the more I whined, the more powerful she became 🙂 She knew just what to do, when to do it, and how to do it! If I had questions, she had answers! I swear, I would complain and she would smile and tell me to push harder… but, ya know what, within a few weeks, I was moving my arm – I was lifting things – and I was getting back in this game they call life!

Haha, just as I was whining less, complaining less, and working the PT harder, she cut me loose! No milking me or my insurance – she ran some tests and said I was where I needed to be – she is on the up and up.

I hope I never have to be her client again, 😉 but, if I ever do need a PT, she is on my speed dial!