Fitness Evaluation Alexandria, VA

Fitness Evaluation

Fitness Evaluations are a popular service for those who have limited experience with working out or have questions regarding working out with health issues. The Fitness Evaluation is used to establish base line information to assist in developing a personalized fitness program. The evaluation will be performed by a licensed Physical Therapist who will assess any joint or health issues such as prior shoulder or knee injuries, to ensure safety when performing a cardiovascular and resistance training program without risk of injury. Client will receive an exercise program specific to evaluation results and goals to allow for a safe transition into beginner or advanced physical activities.

A thorough review of equipment required in the exercise program will be reviewed to assist in determining appropriate weight for training, ensure use of proper form, and gain a better understanding of general exercise principles.

Fitness Evaluations are designed for all levels of exercise enthusiasts, from the beginner to the experienced client frustrated with plateaus. For more information, Contact Us Today at Alexandria, VA Center.