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The Physical Therapy Zone is located in Old Town Alexandria, VA with dedicated staff members that are eager to help you recover. Our office is situated on North Washington Street, making us a commonly frequented spot for physical therapy in Alexandria for pain relief.

At The Physical Therapy Zone, we have a highly experienced team of Alexandria physical therapists who offer specialized treatment services for any pain, injury, or discomfort you may be feeling. Our patients have found high levels of success in our treatment services, due to our implementation of advanced technology and methods.

We use sophisticated diagnostic methods, such as movement investigation and gait analysis, to help determine which services you will benefit from most. At The Physical Therapy Zone, our thorough evaluations lead to successful treatment plans for your pain relief, healing, and future injury prevention needs.

The Physical Therapy Zone mission:

At The Physical Therapy Zone, we have one mission: returning you to feeling well, so you can do what you want to do, pain-free. We will always put you first and provide you with the best possible physical therapy treatment available. Our treatment plans are aimed toward the achievement of your goals, taking into account your symptoms, medical history, and any health restrictions you may have. We look forward to watching you achieve your recovery, health and fitness goals! With our care and commitment, we know that is possible for anyone who walks through our doors.

At the end of the day, the The Physical Therapy Zone team is here to provide support to YOU – the patient. Our success is dependent upon your success, and we strive to create a warm, welcoming environment where you can comfortably heal.

If you are in the Old Town Alexandria, VA area, or any of the surrounding areas of Del Ray, Fairfax County, Arlington County, or National Harbor and you are looking for relief, look no further. The Physical Therapy Zone is here to help as one of the most favored Alexandria physical therapy practices. Call our office at (703) 837-0010 or click here to request an appointment with one of our physical therapists today! We will be happy to meet with you and create a plan for your journey toward health, healing, and pain relief.

Business Hours

Monday: 10:00AM – 7:00PM
Tuesday: 7:00AM – 5:00PM
Wednesday: 10:00AM – 7:00PM
Thursday: 7:00AM – 5:00PM
Friday: 10:00AM – 7:00PM
Saturday: 7:00AM – 3:00PM

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    Back Pain & Sciatica Relief

    Back pain is the most commonly reported pain across the nation. It typically results from an injury or strain. If you are suffering from back pain or sciatica, our highly-trained physical therapists can help relieve the discomfort and restore your health.

  • Myofascial Release Alexandria, VA

    Neck Pain Relief

    Neck pain can be debilitating and extremely uncomfortable, especially if the pain stretches from your neck down to your shoulders. If left untreated the pain can become more severe, and in severe cases, surgical correction may even be necessary.

  • Sport Injury

    One of the most important aspects to rehabilitating a sports injury is treating it as soon as possible. Your treatment plan and duration of recovery will vary depending on how severe the injury is, your health history, and whether or not the injury requires surgical intervention.

Old Town Alexandria Physical Therapist

Get to know our team!

Our Alexandria physical therapist, Lori Alexander, will work hard, not only to get to the root of your problems and provide quality treatment for the pain you are currently experiencing, but she will also use her abilities to provide you with injury prevention services for the future.

She is compassionate, caring, and ambitious toward helping you reach your highest level of performance with the least possible amount of discomfort. The Physical Therapy Zone is the leading expert in the physical therapy Alexandria area, any of whom would be happy to work with you on whatever you may be struggling with.

The Physical Therapy Zone Alexandria VA is Dog Friendly!

Helping people in Alexandria find relief:

The goal of The Physical Therapy Zone is to make your daily tasks and activities easier. For example, we may help you with walking, going upstairs, or getting in and out of bed. In addition, physical therapy often provides the best treatment for a variety of different pains, not only providing relief but also teaching you techniques to prevent re-injury and avoid pain in the future. Physical therapy can be highly effective in relieving pain by providing the types of treatments you may need when your pain makes it hard to move around and do everyday tasks. Our Alexandria physical therapy treatments help you move better and will relieve your pain. They also help improve or restore your physical function and your fitness level.

What Alexandria, VA Thinks About The Physical Therapy Zone

I was one of Lori Alexander’s first patients and knew from the beginning she was the right therapist for me. Not only was the location perfect, but the facilities were charming and Lori is a lovely person with wonderful skills and experience. Her sweet, kind manner always made me feel welcome and anxious to perform my exercises. Her continued work with me prepared me for major back surgery and an early release from the hospital.

- Annie D.

The Physical Therapy Zone and Lori Alexander have worked miracles on my back and neck. After several appointments at The Spinal Institute and refusing injections and/or prescription drugs recommended for pain, physical therapy was prescribed. I cannot praise Lori Alexander enough for her professionalism, compassion and sheer perseverance in helping to relieve my constant pain. She tried many different therapies depending on the level of my discomfort and my gratitude knows no bounds. Whatever your problem, Lori will address it; she listens carefully and applies her vast knowledge of treatments to best relieve pain and discomfort. She is constantly expanding her knowledge by attending classes and/or workshops to enhance her already broad education in her field. The results of her caring therapy have produced amazing results. Lori Alexander is the best physical therapist ever and I am so grateful to have found her!

- Dorothy N.

I can’t believe it has taken me soooooo long to write a review! Grab a cup of coffee cause this is going to be a long one!

So, last year I busted up my arm pretty good – no idea how – no crazy, awesome story involving a bar fight or wild night on the town – guess I’m just getting old… well, long story, short, I had to have rotator cuff surgery. Eight-ish weeks after surgery, my dr said it was time for rehab – I looked around for a place that would take my insurance and found one – well-rated (on yelp too. I went, for a couple of weeks – and hated it! I felt like a number, the physical therapist (PT) was assigned to work with me and three other patients – what should take 50 minutes took 90 because I had to wait for the PT to finished with other clients and come back to me. I was trying to do this PT on my lunch break and not have to take extra time off from work. After the 2nd week, I felt as though I wasn’t progressing – I said something to the PT, but I was just stared at blankly. I finally wised up and began looking for another PT. That’s when I found Lori!

Lori runs her own shop – she is one on one with her client and I loved that!!! She’s a petite thing – and my first day I thought, yeah, she’s not gonna have the power to apply the pressure to get my arm into motion, this is a lost cause… boy was I wrong!!! She like a stick of dynamite – and the more I whined, the more powerful she became 🙂 She knew just what to do, when to do it, and how to do it! If I had questions, she had answers! I swear, I would complain and she would smile and tell me to push harder… but, ya know what, within a few weeks, I was moving my arm – I was lifting things – and I was getting back in this game they call life!

Haha, just as I was whining less, complaining less, and working the PT harder, she cut me loose! No milking me or my insurance – she ran some tests and said I was where I needed to be – she is on the up and up.

I hope I never have to be her client again, 😉 but, if I ever do need a PT, she is on my speed dial!

- Greek M.

Lori spends time with her patients and truly listens to you. The atmosphere is one of genuine concern rather than “time’s up, on to the next one!”. I will be recommending her to all of my students and clients. I literally went from not being able to walk to running a half marathon in 7 months, all thanks to Lori and her team at The Physical Therapy Zone. In July 2019, I had MPFL replacement surgery for a chronic dislocating patella. Lori and her team provided individual care to meet my needs. It was always easy to schedule and reschedule sessions. She provided me with at-home exercises to complete and she pushed me while I was there. I can’t thank The Physical Therapy Zone enough for giving me my freedom back and helping me to recover from my first surgery!

- Jessica S.

Excellent care! I have been treated for my hip and my knee over the last year with wonderful results. Lori owns her own shop and pays individual attention to you during your appointment. She really knows her stuff based on her background at the Mayo Clinic. On top of that she and her staff are personable and very caring. I highly recommend The Physical Therapy Zone!

- Julie C.

This place is great. Good one on one attention in a smaller facility. Very friendly and caring staff and the PTs are great. I would highly recommend this place!

- MacKenzie R.

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